Incentive Travel Inspires a Team to Meet Objectives

Incentive travel is one of the most effective ways to encourage the completion of set objectives. Offering individuals the opportunity to see locations throughout the world fulfills a desire no other type of inspirational tool can match up to. A long desired trip to Paris or another region provides each person with a tangible item they want to work toward. This motivational factor is what makes travel packages a highly successful organizational tool. This type of incentive has been proven tactic when desiring to advance business profits, create a positive work environment, improve productivity, and retain employees. An organization can target a particular group such as the development personnel or sales team to boost an individualized business area. Regardless of the target group, incentives in the form of dreamed about vacations offer the enticement a team needs to get the ball rolling and keep it going.

Cover the Important Details Before Initiating Motivational Travel Programs?

Motivational travel programs are only as prosperous as the planning put into them. A business must properly identify award requirements and line out funding before this type of plan is put into motion. These goals are common among organizations:

Heightened Sales

Attendance Improvements

General Morale Boost

Employee Retention

Customer Retention

Team Building

Productivity Increases

Countless objectives can be the purpose behind setting up a travel related incentive package. Some companies create levels where each one consists of a certain amount of performance. As individuals work harder, they are able to advance to the next level with the final one being the opportunity for a well-deserved vacation. Objectives must be set according to the group being targeted. An organization should focus on creating goals that are not overly easy to achieve, but are reachable by those who increase their effort. This will allow those who strive to excel an opportunity without receiving on the bare minimum.

Funding is the next hurdle when wanting to create a solid method for motivating a group. Organizations must spend an extensive amount of time setting up accommodations, flights, itineraries, and additional aspects of the awarded trip. These items must be estimated into the cost based on the number of possible winners among additional factors. A professional service is a good option to have available for obtaining better pricing. This is because they have inside contacts and experience that can be used to the advantage of the company. Motivational travel programs are tailored to the nature of a business and the goals being achieved.

Employee performance tracking is the final key factor for making these programs a complete success. A format must be created for measuring individual achievements, behaviors, and meeting set objectives. Employees should be kept aware of everyone’s current standing with the use of progress posters, meetings, and additional reward oriented efforts. Companies can continue motivating individuals by holding small events such as snack tables themed around the destination to manage continued enthusiasm. Planning creates a solid path toward achievement and how the program is executed determines received results. An organization must choose an enticing location, plan out objectives appropriately, and manage continued progress effectively for incentive travel to generate the right results.

What Men Look For In A Sexy Travel Assistant

Flight attendants, formerly known as stewardesses, have traditionally been portrayed as sexy blondes with hourglass figures, immaculately coiffed hair, red lipstick and high heels. The look of the ’60’s is back, and while stewardesses are no longer required to appeal to airplane passengers, rich men still prefer to jet set with a beautiful women at their sides. Men like these in today’s world find their sexy travel girls on top rated Sugar Daddy sites. Members of the Mile High Club consider their potential travel assistants’ resumes with a discerning eye.

The most important skill that a prospective travel companion must be able to prove is the ability to keep organized. Rich men with busy schedules and high concerns cannot bother with organizing his business trips and vacations. The primary bullet point on a travel assistant’s job description is to arrange all flights, accommodation, transportation, and itinerary. To ensure a stress-free trip with all the details secured, a girl has got to be able to plan ahead by dotting her I’s and crossing her T’s. More than planning a seamless trip for two, a sexy travel assistant has to be able to pack her wrinkle-free day-to-night outfits, sensible heels for stylish city walking, and sexy little things for nighttime encounters overlooking city lights.

Rich men seeking travel assistants screen applicants for availability. A girl must not have too many obligations at home, including children, pets, and regular volunteer responsibility. If she does, she will not be able to travel frequently and keep a clear head.

Once on the road, a travel assistant must have flexibility and problem solving skills. Being able to plan a trip is certainly a necessary skill, but if the itinerary goes awry, it is imperative that an assistant can improvise and smooth the wrinkles before plans begin to crumble. When the limo doesn’t show up at the airport terminal on time, a well-prepared travel assistant has a backup livery service on speed dial and will still get the boss to his client meeting on time. When traveling, tensions are high already – being able to handle hiccups with confidence, grace and poise is the first step to alleviating worries about plans going sour.

Of course, managing travel plans for an important man is just as important as the way a travel assistant presents herself. To land the job, a girl is already toned, in shape, stylish, and effervescent with a positive attitude. However, for the unscrupulous assistant, traveling can take a toll on diet and exercise. A travel assistant not only schedules time for her boss’s jet-lag nap, but also uses that block of time for her visit to the hotel fitness center. Sexy travel assistants understand that their role is more than just a meeting planner; it is to improve the appearance of the business as a whole. In addition to taking care of her wellbeing, a travel assistant also dresses stylishly, with a slightly provocative edge during the day. At night, she can shed the professional look with ease and help her boss relax.

Corporate Travel – Is It Time to Centralize Your Program Again?

Corporate travel has undergone a ton of changes in recent years, the most important being the advent of easy access to airfare via the internet. As more travelers found value in better control over their schedules by using the internet, many organizations loosened their travel policies to allow for travelers to book on their own online. This perceived benefit to travelers has actually cost businesses quite a bit in terms of lost productivity, lack of control over unused tickets, and lack of access to airline programs that can save the company significantly in all areas of travel.

Can we agree that online travel booking, while advantageous in some ways, has not been all we had hoped it would be from the outset? I hear stories from travelers every day about how difficult online booking can be, and how even when using the internet, travelers simply cannot be sure they are getting the best fare. This uncertainty gnaws at travelers and coordinators, and for good reason. It is difficult to be certain of what you are getting online because there is no track record of success, and no level of trust between the organization and the travel provider.

Collaboration between your organization and your chosen travel management provider is critical. This collaboration will reap benefits for your company in terms of a better working relationship and an anticipation of your current and future needs as they relate to the constantly changing corporate travel environment.

Centralized travel needs to make a comeback for the sake of the corporate travel program, and the sanity of travelers and travel coordinators. Because all distribution channels have access to the same fares and rates, there are fewer reasons today to continue with a decentralized travel policy. Executive level buy-in is critical, and it is easy to allow travelers to keep the level of control they like while still requiring travel booking through the preferred corporate channel. Most brick and mortar agencies now offer online booking solutions that can be customized to meet the needs of the unique corporate travel policy.

The benefits of centralizing travel again are many. Here is a comprehensive, but certainly not an exhaustive, list of reasons to regain control of this important but under-scrutinized budget. It will certainly have a positive impact on your company and its ability to serve your customers and improve traveler morale.

  • Access to airline and hotel discount programs through agency and provider contracts
  • Centralized booking allows travelers to be more organized and efficient
  • Unused tickets can be tracked and hotel cancellation policies can be managed
  • Centralized billing of hotels and car rentals
  • More efficient booking processes
  • Effective customer service for the inevitable changes and issues that come up with business travel
  • Customized and centralized financial and accounting reports

Many corporations find that the best solution is a combination of booking options, with most using an online booking portal provided by their agency partner, along with real live agent help when travelers are pressed for time or have more complex travel itineraries. The key in my opinion is to re-examine the travel program from every angle. There are more airline programs that are available to businesses than ever before. New opportunities to save money and streamline processes are out there for you. United Airlines recently began offering a discount off of every fare for corporate partners. That includes cheapest coach class seats, which even many Fortune 500 companies do not have access to. This is just one example of under-publicized opportunities for your company that can be had through the old-fashioned agency relationship.

It’s time we took another pass at the corporate travel program to see where efficiencies can be found and savings opportunities can be uncovered. Your travelers and coordinators may even be able to get back to what they’re actually paid to do. Take care of your customers and propel your business forward.