Enjoy A Comfortable Stay At Lesser Prices – Corporate Housing

Corporate Housing refers to renting fully furnished apartments for those who are seeking accommodation on the temporary basis. These apartments are well equipped with all sorts of amenities that a hotel would usually offer after charging an arm and a leg. These corporate houses are offered by different housing companies for flexible duration of stays. It means that one can stay for the longer number of days in case of extensions in work schedule in unknown locales.

Benefits Of Corporate Housing

Corporate Housing is a cost-efficient option because they are more comfortable and cost-effective than staying at a hotel. This is a better option for executives traveling for business tours as such apartments offer arrangements to allow conducting business meetings too. Also, these apartments are available in prime locations to offer optimum accessibility to most important places and landmarks, with minimal commute times, you can get a lot more work done. Plus, any extensions in the stay won’t be a pricey deal for the company.

Along with cost effectiveness and staying flexibility, they also ensure optimal comfort and safety. All corporate apartments are fully furnished, have washers, dryers, kitchen, meeting space, privacy, security and other entertainment options. Thus, one feels as if they are staying in their second home, rather than staying in hotels.

Not just for business travelers, but they are one of the most-favored options for students looking for temporary accommodation for as long as a semester, tourists and travelers, people who have to renovate their home, etc.

Such facilities address one of the biggest problems of people who travel for business especially longer duration, the lack of home cooked and healthy/nutritious food. With Corporate Housing, people are able to go to the store, come home, and cook anything of their choice in the modular and fully equipped kitchen.

Live Out Of Your Suitcase

Corporate Housing facilitates people with luxurious accommodation for temporary stays on the rental basis. They are highly cost-effective, situated near prime locations and let one live a normal lifestyle, even if they are on a business tour, pursuing studies or staying out of their homes owing to several other reasons. They provide all the necessary facilities at lower costs than hotel bills, and ensure a homely environment. Corporate Housing stands as a win-win option for business travelers and the company, as for the person, it is very much comfortable option, with all the amenities while it fits in the strictest budget of the company.

Stay Healthy While Traveling On Business Trips

While the major threat of flu season has passed, there are still many travelers who may have a simple cold or the sniffles. To help you travel safely, without the need for a Hazmat suit, I have put together some simple ways in which you can make your meeting without carrying multiple types of germs with you. After all, who wants to sit through a PowerPoint presentation when they’re not feeling well. Below you will find some tips that will help keep you cold free.

  • Wash Your Hands – Before and after you board your plane, it is important that you wash your hands a minimum of five times. You should also shower as soon as possible after you land to remove any dirt and bacteria you may have picked up along the way.
  • Disinfect – While you’re on the plane, you should disinfect the area that you will be occupying for the duration of the flight. This includes your arm rest, overhead bins, tray tables, and window shade if you have a seat by the window. These are all areas that are not thoroughly cleaned during quick turns, in which the plane arrives and leaves again shortly. To ensure that your area is as clean as possible, you may want to carry anti-bacterial wipes and wipe down the area surrounding your seat. Keep in mind that the most common way people get sick on airplanes is by touching something.
  • Food And Beverages – Consuming food and beverages on a plane is one of the major ways in which airborne illnesses are spread. Experts recommend that you avoid in-flight beverages, but if you are in need of something to drink, you should bring your own. However, if you simply can’t wait until you land, and you do purchase a drink or food item, you should cover them using a clean napkin to prevent airborne germs from infesting them.
  • Storage Pockets – This is another area that is rarely disinfected and should be used with great care. You should not place any type of food or personal item in the storage pockets on the back of the seats. This is an area where bacteria can easily accumulate and then be transferred to your food or cell phone. If you have to put anything away, you should place them in your carry-on bag.

While there is no proven way to avoid all germs, unless you want to live in a plastic bubble; these tips will help you remain as healthy as possible while traveling. No matter how clean any airline or airport claims to be, every time you enter one you are likely going to be exposed to germs and bacteria.