Charter Flights – What Could They Do For Your Business?

Companies throughout the country are chartering planes in growing numbers. They’re doing this for good reasons. Charter flights save both time and money and in the current economic times, no one can afford to waste either of those valuable resources.

Companies that use air charters get most of the benefits of owning a private fleet without incurring maintenance costs, supporting specialized staff and pilots or the bad press that companies like the major American auto manufacturers dealt with after they flew their private jets into Washington DC. They also don’t have a very expensive asset sitting around on the ground when they don’t have immediate use for it.

The benefits of flying privately can be huge for businesses:

– Sales teams can plan and work on private and charter aircraft in ways that are simply not viable on commercial flights.

– Executives can personally oversee multiple projects, fitting meetings that would take weeks into just a few days.

– Work groups can arrive at clients’ businesses rested and ready for a full day of work rather than fatigued after hours of commercial travel.

And that doesn’t even cover the personal benefits of private air charter. With our two income households, most people have personal responsibilities as well as business ones. These can be difficult to juggle when business travel is required.

Air charters from regional airports save business travelers time in the car (driving to the airport), time in line (negotiating security), time at the gate waiting area (flight delays and cancellations), time in the air (commercial flight times may be significantly longer than air charter flight times). And time is money.

How A Business Jet Charter Can Save You Time And Money

Nowadays persons traveling for business purposes find that they have to go through the extensive pre-board screening, horrible lines at the airport and seemingly endless connecting flights not to mention and delays or cancellations which may come up. A great solution has come up to alleviate this problem. It is the private business jet. The greatest thing is that you do not need to own one to be able to use one. Getting one reserved can be done with a simple phone call. It is currently the most cost effective and flexible option to travel and requires no long term commitments or deposits.

There are quite a number of advantages to utilizing a business jet charter. A few will be examined below:

You get to travel on your own agenda. You are able to book your flight, get to the airport and get on board without the usual delays. You also get to avoid any connecting flights that would possible extend your travel time and lengthen your business trip. Of course you are able to get more business done as you can schedule meetings in different cities for the same day and get it all done to be home in time for dinner with the family.

The best thing is that you can travel in privacy. Unlike the domestic flights you are able to get some quality work done without interruption. You can make business calls and get reports done without worrying about who is hearing your conversation or reading your screen. You are also able to get some rest if you need it until you get to your destination. The most beneficial thing that a business jet charter provides is that your competitors will not have a clue as to where you are going and who you are meeting with.

This mode of travel is also highly convenient as more landing strips now become available to you. You also have the luxury in some places to be driven right up to the waiting aircraft so you can board while your luggage is being stowed away; you need not worry about lost luggage either.

Quite a number of businesses are seeing the benefits of and are starting to utilize business jet charters. It is the best way to save in the long run and get your business ahead of the competition.