Seven Amenities Your Business Hotel Needs To Offer

If there is one segment of our population that should earn a reward for the amount of movement they have in their lives, it would be a large portion of the business community. They are constantly moving and shaking, making this world run as efficiently as possible, all the while looking forward to nothing more than a really nice business hotel at the end of the day.

While many hotels try their best not label themselves as catering to a particular group of folks, there is a new trend in the travel industry whereby big names in the accommodation business are catering to business travelers. And rightly so. Just think about how taxing travel can be on the casual traveler who is traveling for leisure & relaxation. Business travelers are on the road nearly everyday, sometimes even seeing a few time zones in one day. They have to maintain a sharp personal look, and be ready to handle a major meeting at a moment’s notice.

When you’ve got that much on your plate, it is nice to know that your hotel has “got your back”. But do they? Many hotels try to tout their available services to the business community so as to drum up business. While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing (they are a business, right?), it’s the follow-through that can be mismanaged.

At the end of the day, business travel experts have found that most business travelers just want a few amenities when they book a room. Surprisingly enough, the business elite aren’t too different from the rest of us when it comes to their amenity check-list:

Internet/Wi-Fi – Few things make this old world of ours keep on moving like the internet. Considering how many businesses are trying to go paperless & use 21st century cloud technology, internet service is top priority.

Communication (Fax/Copies) – Even so, having the basic in communication tools like a copier & fax machine are key for any last-minute transfers of information.

Wall Sockets – It’s a simple thing, but when you crawl around on the floor with things to plug in but nowhere to do it, it’s the most important thing.

Dedicated Meeting/Conference Room(s) – Trying to repurpose ballrooms or other types of rooms to make a meeting take place can sometimes backfire.

Recreational Activities On-Site – After a long day, you want to hang out by the pool at your hotel, or maybe even check out a lounge area.

A Free Breakfast Option – If you’re moving and shaking, you need some serious fuel early in the day. Breakfast is where it’s at.

24-Hour Front Desk – You don’t like to think things will go wrong, but you want to be sure that if something goes awry at anytime during the day, or night, you can rely on a dependable front desk to help.

A business hotel can be the ideal place for the weary business traveler to rest their aching bones. For any hotel looking to regularly book this type of traveler, it takes a willingness to understand what the business traveler needs but also how to make it happen.

What Do Your Wheels Say About You and Your Business?

Many of us are still old enough to recall the days when pulling up outside a client’s office building in an ultra-cool, gasoline-addicted, snarling motor car was halfway towards impressing them that you and your company had to be the bee’s knees as top in your industry.

Nowadays turning up to a client’s office in an expensive gas-guzzler can have precisely the opposite effect, making socially conscientious clients look at you like you just crawled out of a drain for being so selfish and thoughtless to the planet.

Then there’s the envy/jealousy/spiteful factor, of course

A few years ago I turned up to a client’s office in a brand new car – not flashy, but just nice. The client looked out of the window as I locked it up and said, “nice car. We must be paying you too much.” He said it with a frosty smile, but I knew it irked him.

Had the same happened in North America where I believe that people can be envious without being jealous, the client’s reaction more likely would have been, “nice car. It’s good to see your business is doing well.”

So be warned if your business is in the UK… leave the vintage Bugatti at home and take the gardener’s pickup instead.

So what does your mode of transport say?

RollsRoyce or Bentley

Over-the-hill film stars (rented) and fat middle-Eastern aristocrats (owned and driven at blinding speeds, especially if a super-charged Bentley). Considered in good taste, if hysterically eccentric, only when a pre-1960 model.

Ferrari, Lamborghini,etc

British soccer player, US rapper, minor Arabian prince, Kardashian. These cars look like large skateboards with speeds approaching Mach 1 and cockpits that only accommodate the shortest of hair extensions, thereby rendering them unsuitable for most female stars (although Kim K’s getting pretty good at squeezing in).


Moderately successful business people in North America, flamboyantly successful executives in the UK. Most Germans and other western Europeans use Mercedes as taxis and think the British are nuts to treat them with such reverence. Be warned when doing business in continental Europe; you may think it’s a new colleague waving hello to you, but it’s probably some jerk hailing a cab.


Discreet class and good taste. Audi has always tended to have a neutral socio-economic profile, unlike BMW (flashy and nouveau-riche), Volvo (very boring), Skoda (cheap and nasty), Volkswagen (slightly boring), Ford (snake-oil salesman), etc. Audi’s image has remained neutral despite being the preferred choice of wheels for several members of the British royal family, which says a lot for their star power.

Large SUVs/ 4WDs / 4x4s

Ruthless, wealthy owner of a fast-food chain, slightly dubious real estate agent, ageing sportsman or a nervous, 5’2″ mom peering over the steering wheel taking two small children to nursery school. About as eco-friendly as a neutron bomb, so a no-no if you sell solar roof panels or aromatherapy oils.

People Carriers

Known in the US as “mini-vans” these seat up to 7 or 8 people and suggest that you’re a minor film or rock star (if the windows are blacked out) jumped-up taxi driver (depending on which door you get out of), or parent of a large family (be sure to wipe the baby vomit off your business suit before leaving the vehicle).

Smart Car

You’d really have the gall to turn up to a meeting in a four-wheeled chamber pot that even Noddy and Big Ears wouldn’t be seen dead in? Useful if your client’s office is deep downtown because you can park it alongside the garbage cans. If you must drive one, make sure your business suit has decent sized pockets so you can hide the beastly thing in there with your keys and phone.

Convertible sports car

Pretty cool if you’re young and either a) male and/or b) have a very short hairstyle. Not cool for elegantly dressed women (hair and makeup turn into slime above 30 mph and you end up with your skirt around your neck when exiting and entering) or middle-men trying to prove they’re not suffering from the male menopause.


Depends. Turning up to a meeting on a retro Vespa scooter is quite cool if you’re in one of the woo-woo industries, but if your client is in a macho business s/he’ll think you’re a nerd. A Honda Goldwing or big Harley gives your image a lot of grunt but remember that most “Easy Rider” bike enthusiasts are over 60 with tattoos everywhere and gray ponytails hanging down to their ankles. Be sure that matches your business brand.


15 or 20 years ago, turning up to a business meeting in an expensive suit with bicycle clips and a helmet would make you seem a prize goofball. Today it’s seen as eco-friendly and money-saving, a fact which has not been lost on politicians and industry leaders who make sure the paparazzi get good shots of them pedalling to Buckingham Palace or down Wall Street. But get real. Going to work or a client meeting on your bike in the rain sucks. Never mind being on-trend; ride the subway.


My fantasy… so probably arriving at a meeting on one of these says idiot overweight nutcase freelance business writer. The heck with it; I want a Segway even though I would be certain to fall flat on my face within the first 30 yards. Meanwhile I’ll just stick to my (slightly boring) Volkswagen.

What do you think your wheels say about you and your business?

Charter Flights – What Could They Do For Your Business?

Companies throughout the country are chartering planes in growing numbers. They’re doing this for good reasons. Charter flights save both time and money and in the current economic times, no one can afford to waste either of those valuable resources.

Companies that use air charters get most of the benefits of owning a private fleet without incurring maintenance costs, supporting specialized staff and pilots or the bad press that companies like the major American auto manufacturers dealt with after they flew their private jets into Washington DC. They also don’t have a very expensive asset sitting around on the ground when they don’t have immediate use for it.

The benefits of flying privately can be huge for businesses:

– Sales teams can plan and work on private and charter aircraft in ways that are simply not viable on commercial flights.

– Executives can personally oversee multiple projects, fitting meetings that would take weeks into just a few days.

– Work groups can arrive at clients’ businesses rested and ready for a full day of work rather than fatigued after hours of commercial travel.

And that doesn’t even cover the personal benefits of private air charter. With our two income households, most people have personal responsibilities as well as business ones. These can be difficult to juggle when business travel is required.

Air charters from regional airports save business travelers time in the car (driving to the airport), time in line (negotiating security), time at the gate waiting area (flight delays and cancellations), time in the air (commercial flight times may be significantly longer than air charter flight times). And time is money.